Production of a site like

How much can one expect to pay to have a designer type up a site like people of walmart where people submit or upload there own pictures or videos? Just very simple basic nothing super flashy.

Also besides a domain I’m guessing I’d need to have some sort of server lined up to store all said pictures and videos of?

buy domain
buy script for site
find server
not profit

Generating traffic though and having adds has to produce some type of profit at least paying for the cost of servers and production.

Don’t listen to these guys. They don’t even know your idea.

If you have someone build it from scratch it will be a lot more expensive. Chances are, there is a script (or several) that already has the basic functioning of the website coded. You then just need the design work which will run $1,000 to $5,000. Domain and hosting is minimal.

It’s all gonna depend on how much and the type of traffic you’re receiving and your methods of monetizing the site.

Displaying advertisements is one method, but you generally need large amounts of traffic to see decent conversions.

I would imagine. Even if it isn’t you could do the same thing with wordpress.

Yeah, I looked at it and it is a wordpress site

it is wordpress. I cloned the theme a while back but they’ve since changed a bit