Project management software

I have a small company, about 10 people. We sell a couple of products that need bag design etc. I’m looking for some type of project management software that will let people input their ideas and for people to see changes and make corrections. All final projects will them be stored in some type of library so we can get access to them.

I am looking for a simple program that has a minimal learning curve, most of the team are not tech savy. The program must be able to assign permissions as to who can see what part of the project, make changes etc.

I have a hosted site and would prefer to keep all my info there instead of using the software providers site. My budget is $75 max a month.

The other option is to use a forum?

Help please?

Podio seems to be picking up steam, esp with the lack of updates n BaseCamp
is another I’ve seen

Thanks guys. Guess Basecamp is still the standard.

Podio looks too difficult for some of the team members and I’ll play with apollo a bit more.