Questions on having Homepage on Server #1, All other pages on Server #2, and More

Thanks Pepsi and KingToad for providing guidance in the last thread I made, however have a few more questions on something different.

– What will happen if I run a homepage on one server, and all other pages on another server. Homepage will read and all other pages will read for example.

– If I do this, how will if affect the SEO? I’m absolutely only concerned with that part. I don’t mind having two servers for one site; overkill yes, but I have no choice. I’m worried two things will happen : The homepage will rank high but the other pages will rank nothing. OR The pages will rank high and the homepage won’t rank or will and be ranked lower.

Logically, there’s absolutely no point in doing this, however with the website I’m working for they won’t offer any customization and I have to use their application software for the pages. Was originally going to pay someone to program my own software, but it’s against corporate guidelines (not on selected list). I really do appreciate your help guys, so thanks again. I hate relying on outside companies who half "manage sites" and offer their templates or nothing.

Also another question, if I own and want to rank #1 for the exact keyword phrase how much work will that entitle. I know somewhat about SEO, but would it be hard to outrank a Business with ONLY part of the keyword in the domain name/site. If I have the Full keyword phrase can I eventually rank higher than them for that exact phrase with work? Or will it be difficult to do, and having a exact phrase .com pretty much do nothing? It’s a small search volume a month.. Example: Search for : "Domain Name Phrase" – (Mine) vs. (Competition)