Read RSS feed using PHP?

On my ebay store there’s an RSS feed.

Since I plan to eventually sell through my own domain, I want to publicize that RSS feed, but for it to be from *my* site/my domains RSS feed.

Anyone got any thoughts on the easiest way to get each RSS feed’s story/post into a PHP string?

Clueless to the whole RSS thing.

Then I want to publish it everywhere for the best coverage, but can they can banned like domain names can, sandboxed or something? Wouldn’t want that to happen.

Drupal Joomla or WordPress will have an addon for the RSS feed they also all probably have Ebay store addons.

RSS feeds are just XML documents. You can loop through it using PHP and print what you’d like.

You an use simpleXML, google it, I’m sure there’s a done of tutorials out there.