Redirect page for outdated browsers

Anyone know any ready to go resource? I don’t feel like designing my own

Alternative: Use something like Modernizr to detect certain features and then create a workaround. For example a site I’m use on uses 3D text-transforms for aesthetics, but using modernizr I can catch browsers that don’t support that CSS3 feature and work around it.

cloudflare ftw, didn’t even realize I had that app option

been using browsehappy

Neither of those sites are meant to detect your browser on their own.. they’re just sites you can link older browsers to. Checking the browser is easy enough

You should be doing this anyway

I second not only for browser capabilities checking, but newer features that you might want to use like Flash, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, etc. says, "Internet Explorer 6 was released August 27, 2001 and is severely out of date."

So that’s why I say it appears to be IE-only. It actually appears to be IE-6-only, which makes it even more useless. Or if it is supposed to be figuring out my browser, it failed. says, "Your browser is out of date! It looks like you