Retard question about using a script for meta/title tags…

hey guys,

I’m super rusty on php, so please forgive my retardation..

I’m using this script:

This is a very simple PHP snippet that will set $title, $meta_keywords and $meta_description for use in your page header. You’ll need to create meta_tags.txt which will use this format:

page_name.html|page title|meta tags|meta description
page_name2.html|page title2|meta tags for page 2|meta description for page 2

To use the code either save it at the top of your header file or save it as get_meta.php and add this line of code to your header:

<?php include(‘get_meta.php’); ?>

You can reference the $title, $meta_keywords and $meta_description variables in your header like this:

<title><?php print $title; ?></title>
<meta name="keywords" content="<?php print $meta_keywords; ?>">

$database = 'meta_tags.txt';
$meta_db = fopen($database, 'r');
$page = $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'];
$page = substr($page, 1);
while($data = fgetcsv($meta_db, 9000, '|'))
	if($data[0] == $page)
                $title = $data[1];
		$meta_keywords = $data[2];
		$meta_description = $data[3];

my problem is that I still can’t get it to work for any pages within subdirs; it only works for pages in the root dir

little help?

negative on both

this has to do w/ some f’ed up pathing, huh…

nah, the setup is..

In root:

index.php -> has the reference to header.php in it

In /includes/:

header.php –> has the reference to get_meta.php in it

and the page that wont display meta is: