Sending out E-mails With Title that has "█" & Special Coding?

Do they think it’d get sent to the junk inbox? I only ask because that would catch so much attention. Been worried customers aren’t seeing our e-mails, how can I make the title’s stand out when there’s 1,000 of other emails.
SUMMEROFL Sale – Stop in for a new derp or new derp at 40% off. Something like that.

If my spam filter did not catch it, I would delete it without reading it thinking it was spam and garbage

dont lie, you’d open it and give it a quick look because you’re easily drawn into emails that stand out from the rest

nope not really

it would stand out as spam to me, I would delete it without reading the email…nobody intentionally types that symbol unless its a spammer

I would open a mail with the subjects hello, yo, hi, etc.