Server rebooted, Delivery Queue in WHM > ConfigServer Mail Queues, is gone, HELP!

Hi guys, i have about 11.000 Delivery Queue (Outgoing Emails) in WHM > ConfigServer Mail Queues
its about announcement email

my server rebooted, and now there is no one Outgoing Emails left, in WHM > ConfigServer Mail Queues > Delivery Queue

can i get it back? or some log where i can see the email that still not sended yet

ok i already tried running this command, to search one of email address
/* */
or another email address, already sended or not, also trying to search the message subject

/* */

but no one is showing, including the first email address that surely already sended and received, that is my own email address

so maybe the problem is in exim log or ‘ConfigServer Mail Queue’ log, is crashed or missing during rebooted

is there another exim log or ‘ConfigServer Mail Queue’ log that i can see guys?