Sharepoint 2010 Standard

Aside from creating basic stuff like wiki articles or something can you create coded stuff as well like a random password generator?


Because I want to access it on an internal network and not external. There are several options to use for something as such but sharepoint is what I am curious about. I just picked that for a starting point.

Yeah it’s possible, but wouldn’t it be easier to use a LAMP system for that? I’ve built one on Sharepoint 2010 as it was a request by people upstairs.

LAMP system you say? Do tell… basically we were looking for a way to roll out a password generator without having to install software on 100s of work stations. Since we all use sharepoint as a starting page, it would be faster and convenient.

Ugh, sharepoint.

*shoots self*

This really has nothing to do with sharepoint. You can create any site you’d like to be an internal site if needed.

using SharePoint for this is like buying a dump truck to haul around a bale of straw

Thanks, I know this but appreciate the input anyway.