Should I get a Credit Card/Debit Card for my business checking account?

I do freelance web design on the side and I have a business checking account setup through my bank. I don’t have a lot of business expenses, so when I do I’ve just been using my normal credit card. But I will soon be buying some new hardware and would like to keep my business purchases separate from personal purchases. I think I can get a debit card through my bank, but would a credit card tied only to my business account be better? Does it have to be a "business" card, or will any card be ok? Thanks!

use a debit card, its easier to keep track of unless you need the credit and don’t have the cash on hand.

Do Debit Cards have less "security" since it pulls money right out of my account?

You have to be 16.. But debit cards usually have no protection, credit cards usually have protection or you can add it. So if someone steals your debit card they can run it as credit and buy stuff, but they need a PIN # to get cash. Whatever they buy you’re stuck paying, credit cards are the same except you can have the CC protect you against that.

I’d rather have a credit card, a lot more protection, and several benefits such as cashback. Just use it like a debit card and you’ll be fine.