SilverStripe vs WordPress vs Drupal (for small-to-medium sites)

I currently use a mixture of wordpress and drupal.. the sites I make are basically small to medium business (restaurants, cafes, accountants, clothing stores, etc)..

Just found SilverStripe, and it’s a promising replacement for both of the above.

Anyone use it regularly? Any major issues you have with it? Any real limitations you’ve hit? Is it easy to develop for etc?

for the uninitiated..

TBH it looks like a very simple CMS

nothing like the versatility that drupal has.

i dont see any blog elements in there that makes it a mixture of drupal and wordpress though

this is what im using to look at it
if i had a choice id pick this one over drupal , i fucking hate working with drupal and joomla

Yeah the blog part isn’t so important to me.. I use WordPress a lot now because it has a very simple and easy-to-use back-end for clients to add/remove pages, edit stuff, etc.. I rarely get asked to actually implement it as a blog. If anything, just a "latest news" section, which any CMS can do pretty easily.

Just getting sick of wrestling with WordPress when it comes to anything that ISN’T a standard blog layout. Having to run multiple "loops" to pull various articles/posts/etc into a page is pretty annoying, and the templating system sux balls.

Drupal is powerful, but fuck it’s annoying to work with Plus you have to spend a lot more time training the client in doing basic tasks at the end due to that horrid 1998-style back-end.

horrid 1998 liquid style front end to go along with it as well.