So how many of you are running a phpBB forum?

I know vbulletin is king but it’s not an option as of yet. I made a new forum a couple days ago and was wondering if there’s any decent portals I could easily install and look like my forums? Also, what good mods there are that actually work? I haven’t ran a forum since like 05

haven’t run one since my hosting service might be time to do that again

make a write up on installing mods and shit

its not that hard, just follow the instructions

I’ve installed some of the small ones but haven’t attempted any of the bigger ones.

Instructions are all pretty straight forward, if even you have shit all experience. The number of forums run by idiots proves how easy it is to get going

Know of any good portal mods? I found a couple but sure what I should go with.

Anyone here use cash mods? That seems fun to use, if users collect enough cash, they can buy things such as avatar or whatever.

I’ve used PHPBB on an active forum since 2004. We use a portal as well, let me see if I can find the name of it.

its easy to install and u can setup custom blocks straight from the ACP.

its all the same, just more files to edit.

saw that one and was looking at this to but it seems to be outdated as fuck

I use PHPBB2 and MX systems portal on a few of my sites. Both are heavily customized.

phpbb2? get with the times bro

saw that one and was looking at this to but it seems to be outdated as fuck

i believe either would suit your needs

think I’ll go with the one you posted