So my client blows up his wordpress install and needs to restore from backup…

He hosts with GoDaddy.

I send off the request and get a 500 word form letter essentially requesting that he upgrade his hosting and pay $150 to restore the site to its state 2 days ago. It’s a 3 page, simple as beans site for his mobile car wash.

My host, asmallorange does this FREE…within 4 hours of the request.

GoDaddy is bad for mankind.

They used to be decent.

But Godaddy doing $150, lol..

Wait, why? They have almost all good reviews on webhostingtalk.

They used to be great, but then all of the sudden they had major issues. I used them for a bit, all of the sudden things would load incredibly slow or not all at, and the support when from decent to bad.. Are those reviews recent or from years ago?

They were fantastic when they were a smaller company. They couldn’t keep up with the growth. I’ve had a server fail on them and they said it was because I didn’t purchase a backup plan.

No thanks. I’ll stick with liquidweb and the planet.

They were on my short list but not anymore. Thanks.

They had major issues in like 06-07? but slowly improved and were pretty good for a few years. They moved to Durham about a year ago, though, and they went to shit again.

I live about 2 miles away from their old Atlanta office on basically the same street. Telling clients that they were hosted by a local, green hosting company was great, but I had way too many problems and way too much downtime after they moved to Durham to keep using them.

The only hosts I’ve ever really been happy with are Hostgator and Rackspace.