so what’s the best host for a VPS?

I keep going back to – never had any problems. Can upgrade anything on the spot (RAM, storage, transfer, IP’s), pick where its located (and change that at any time), and so on. I mainly use my VPS for personal crap – mainly testing out things – don’t have anything out in the open for people to see. 25k+ posts on their forums, and an IRC room with 287 users at the moment.

managed or unmanaged?

if you want to go managed, i absolutely love both wiredtree and liquidweb. cant go wrong with either of those.

for unmanaged, ive heard good things about linode.

Check out wiredtree

I’ve been with them for almost a year. Incredibly fast support and awesome network.

what kinds of things are manageable? what’s the difference?

most of the time managed stuff is when say if you have a problem, hardware or software, they’ll fix it for you. but typically not software related items like if you cant get a php script to work. it’s more like if you can’t get a web server running they’ll get it all configured and ready to go. non-managed means it’s up to you to figure it all out unless you want to pay them by the hour if that’s even available. explains why there’s a big price difference too

an example of what one place offers for managed vps’s (i’ve never used them so don’t know if they’re good or not):


i have linode.

it’s kinda expensive. not to mention they have a cpu cap/overcharge which is kind of a turn down. i might switch