Someone fill me on how to RSS & Ping to Index WordPress Pages/Posts?

Had a site with 1,200 pages indexed, new website dropped down to 175, and now for the third time another new website to finalize the project. Entirely new pages, new everything, trying to figure out how to get a ton of pages and posts indexed…

So what exactly does RSS do? And what does Pinging them do? (Familiar with ping somewhat-ish, does it just tell the search engine to crawl this page and visit it)..

Have a brand new wordpress business site, add 400 pages by the end of the month, what’s next? Where do I begin or start?

"Pinging" in the WordPress sense is not for search engines, it’s for blog directories. Pinging them just tells them you’ve added a new post.

RSS is a feed for users to keep track of your posts via RSS readers, such as or apps on their phone/tablet/etc, so you share the RSS feed URL with the users.

To improve the crawling of your site, play with and etc