he lives in Joplin where that tornado rolled through and destroyed over half the town

he is ok though

posted this on his facebook

Barely got service. Hope all of my swmo friends are okay. Myself and mine are okay. Thank you for the concern. Let me know if I can help.

I got my shit on lock down

89 killed so far? How big of a town is Joplin?

according to wikipedia, a little over 50,000

found this interesting though

On May 6, 1971, Joplin was struck by a severe resulting in one dead and 50 people injured, along with major damage to many houses and businesses.
On May 22, 2011, Joplin was hit by a very intense tornado causing 89+ deaths and injuries along with major damage to many houses, , and multiple school buildings

i’ll just ask him to tell me which one is you.

(i’m kidding. i’m very much a zero-tolerance
kind of guy when it comes to privacy.)

if you want to know all you gotta do is ask but there are a lot of people I refuse or don’t share with because I don’t trust a majority of oters

i am friends with exactly 18 otters. 16 of which are laot crew. trev is one of the other two.

one guy in laot absolutely hates you. a lot.


I am friends with mostly mods and smods, and then trev and crotch


I am friends with mostly mods and smods, and then trev and crotch

and me player


I am friends with mostly mods and smods, and then trev and crotch

..after all the shit I’ve done for you.

I asked you once if you were on facebook, you never answered me, and I did a search by your email and it did not pop up

send me the link via pm

I consider you a good friend not an oter

Ok. To those with my number.. my ego appreciates your texts but this is for Joplin. Please keep your communication with me limited t Facebook so I can do my best for the most at once. Thank you. Love you all.

One last status.. maybe. 4177821310 is the local news radio’s number. I will only be able to provide water and dry food.. if somehow a lot of money is donated, I will get it to the right officials. Please call that number for any supply donations or information I’m not privy to.

Didn’t know that! Glad he is ok, seems like a cool dude. I’ve seena ton of pictures, looks post war zone.