Ugh :wtf: halp joomla

OK, so my department decided hire a contractor to help with some website work and he decided to use Joomla because it’s supposed to be easy for editing content and etc, although IMO it would of just been easier to do the whole CSS/HTML crap. There’s like three of us on this project but I know enough CSS/HTML that it shouldn’t of had been a problem.

Now, the template itself as three different colors but the images and everything should be the same (again, aside from color differences). Isn’t there a way to change how the template looks like in Joomla when browsing under a "category" of the menu?

The original layout looks like while his live version of the mock up looks like .

I’m sure I read somewhere that with the update of Joomla, it’s possible to use an imaged menu with rollover options using CSS… is it possible? >_>

He mentioned that he had to make adjustments to the template to accommodate how the CSS dynamically generates the individual pages since there are four different colored templates that needed to be worked in. For example, the default is purple, while if you were to pick option B, it would be green and it would stay green if you picked another option under B (so B to B1 would mean it would still stay green). Is there a way to achieve this using Joomla?

In any case, with the difficulties Joomla presents even now, I don’t quite understand why we’re even using it And with this far in we’re still going to have to pay the guy, and he should of asked if anyone knew HTML/CSS/etc before presenting Joomla as an option.

Anyway… help would be appreciated if any of you are intimately familiar with Joomla.