Wanted: Live Chat Script

I am looking for OT’s opinion on the best free live chat script. This script is so that when clients log in to the website, they will see a button that indicates whether an operator is currently on line or not. If they are, they can click the button to begin chat with the operator.

If you have used one before, what do you recommend.

Something that would integrate with drupal 6 would be awesome too. Couldn’t find anything

anybody ever use ?

Ended up using Crafty Syntax. I have the module ‘Node as a Block’ for Drupal. Used the two together to get what I want done. Let me know if anybody has any other ideas/better scripts. This one seems pretty well done so far

Lol, Thread didnt move fast enough for ya did it?

I currently use mibew messenger on my site. Very easy to use and set up. openwebim.org/ is the url for it.