Web developer skills

So I’ve been doing web development for a few years (~6) on and off and I’d like to start doing more of it. The only thing is that I’ve picked things up as I’ve gone. I’m curious, for all the paid developers, how often do you use OOP? I’ve done C++ and Java OOP, but it’s been many years (before I was doing web development) and I need to do some refreshing. I need to work on more efficient programming. Can anyone give me any tips or is there a site with good example projects to try out? I feel like everything I learn, I’m just mediocre. Thanks

I use OOP in JavaScript and PHP every day

Try building a project with Kohana if you know PHP

I virtually always use OOP when writing C++ projects. However, I virtually never use OOP in PHP. I find C-style to be a lot simpler. I do use a couple custom classes to manage large functionality and for reuse within my sites, like database and login handling, but otherwise it’s basically entirely just c-style coding.

I know a lot of fanbois are like OMG YOU MUST USE OOP! YOU’RE A NOOB IF YO DON’T USE OOP IN PHP! But hey, tell that to the C crowd and watch them laugh at you.

I want to make sure I am able to do it, however. One thing I lack is confidence when doing a web site. I can usually figure stuff out, but I want to be able to know it well. I’ll look in to Kohana and see how it goes.