Web hosting

I’ve never dealt with anything other than shared hosting my whole life and have no idea if I should move to a VPS or dedicated or stick with shared hosting.

I have a site that’s based off a wordpress theme, has many plugins, and stitched together with my shoddy programming. It works for now at least!

At the peak of this site I expect only to have maybe a few hundred people on the site at the same time. The site is all text via wordpress plugins, little/no images.

I don’t know how to deal with anything other than cPanel.

So can I make do with:
-a shared hosting plan on bluehost?
-a VPS? I don’t know how they work or if they’re beneficial here, or if they have cPanel. Which company should I use?
-a dedicated server? Its pretty expensive, and I’m positive I’m not going to be using over 200GB bandwidth a month. Probably around 100GB, not sure how it’s going to scale.

Uptime to me is super important. I don’t want some bullshit that goes down intermittently for 5 minutes a day like now with surpass.

Thanks guise.

Ditch cPanel and learn some linux or has a shitty window server, you pick. Id go with a VPS as it doesn’t limit what you can and cannot install inside the OS. Most of the time the shared hosting have database servers else where that are latent as all fuck (DreamHosting did this to an old client).

What other things would I need to install on the OS? All I need is fantastico for cpanel to install wordpress and I’m set, haven’t missed much else.

I dont understand what latent databases means either I feel like a noob again.

Would you like a @email address without having to pay for one? With your own server this is an option. The latent database part is where you used shared hosting, and when you request a MySQL Database (such as the one needed to backend wordpress) they give you a db to connect to that is on a completely different server populated by many other MySQL databases. If and when one of those database is getting whacked because script kiddy XYZ is ass raping their back end you suffer. All of this is fine and dandy if you give 0 fucks about performance.

That makes sense. Thanks. I went with a VPS on liquidweb. Already so much better, better support, more comfortable knowing I’m not going to get shutdown for random intervals.

Sounds like you’d be fine sticking with shared.