What programs do you use for webpages?

Spidermonkey is only recently catching up to V8 (in terms of speed with the former compiling to an intermediary language which is then interpreted vs. machine code in the latter). FF is IMO subpar for development vs. Chrome which is definitely Google’s best product out right now.

FF = Everything. Chrome for when I’m feeling fancy.. (right now). IE for business only, doing company searches to see where I rank, etc only.

More than you can afford, pal. Safari.

It is like the Grey Poupon of web programs, anything less is uncivilized

love how this turned into a troll thread.

use a text editor like sublime text 2, never ever use dreamweaver


Most of the programs I use are free and common.

I use for the majority of my coding, for any image editing/manipulation, for FTP, for SSH, and to browse my work.

I really don’t do much "heavy lifting" as far as web design goes, so these programs suit me just fine. You can find better, more robust programs at cost.

Textmate, Chrome, Filezilla and sometimes Transmit.

Recently I’ve been using Adobe Edge Inspect for mobile testing, Its really helpful