What sites you guys use for making landing/squeeze pages?

Everyone I have used that has good templates and easy-to-use want to host the pages for a monthly fee but I don’t need that. So sick of searching…

I use myself because I’m not a fucking moron. lol

I don’t have time for that shit and I am pretty stupid. I don’t want to pay someone to make them although there is a dude on fiver who is good.

I used to use instabuilder plugin, optimizepress and profitstheme but I am moving away from wordpress. After shutting down the mystery shopper scam sites because of the years of bad publicity in google and high clickbank refund rate, I am relaunching under another name and not using wordpress.

All the sites I find want to host your landing pages but I ain’t paying for that shit.

Actually though I could always use the free trials on them and then rip the content.

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