Where should I register a domain?

I have 0 experience doing this and I know there are dozens of options. I want to register a .tv domain to redirect to my youtube channel but I’m not sure which website I should do this through. I don’t care about anything except having the traffic redirected to my youtube. Please help me with a solution.


This. Look for my thread in TWL I was debating on where to bulk buy a bunch of domains awhile ago, ended up going with GoDaddy again.

I personaly use NameCheap like a lot here has recommended. I don’t like GoDaddy they add shit to your cart you don’t want and try to be all sneaky about it..

not really, you added it without paying attention

I have been using godaddy for over 5 years and never had anything added to my cart

I seem to recall godaddy adding shit to your cart, too

shit is marked to go into cart, there are two bottons, one is to continue to cart adding the shit the other states go to cart and not add the shit, of course the one that adds the shit is bigger, but people don’t take the time to read and just start clicking is going to blame godaddy on it and not themselves

actually just went through it, nothing is marked anymore, and 3 seconds after I chose the name i was into the cart system with nothing added to it

yeah godaddy takes a little bit of time to learn to avoid all their annoying upsells and crap but once you know it it’s an easy process. And overall cheaper in the long run, especially if you have a good amount of domains.

Namecheap is good too…just a little more expensive.

Godaddy charges you like $12 per year for private reg, however. Isn’t it free at other places? That might be the equalizer.

free for the first year at namecheap, but there are a lot of codes around that you can use where it works and knocks off the cost of the domain and the private reg and it becomes almost free if not free on godaddy

they usually run a deal where if you get or renew 5 domains it is free, if I am close to the amount I throw in a $1 something .info lol to get the free private reg