who was the dude that was thinking of starting a website for fathers?

I thought it was a good angle back then but even more so now since I found out today the fetus in my wife is a little girl. Whoever it was, wanna partner up and start it if you haven’t already lol?

are you thinking of something like a Q&A site? If so I could get one started in like 30 minutes. The problem as always is community, you need like 1000-2000 dads to get one working, and where will you find that?

Yeah, I was thinking more of just a basic bloggish type format. Random tips, advice, maybe reviews (with affiliate links of course). Then maybe if there ends up being an active/participating readership a forum/community would be easy to integrate. Starting a "forum for dads" from scratch would be too hard and I’m sure there is probably at least a couple of those out there already…though I haven’t looked yet.

The best way i can think of getting traffic is advertising on those women only websites.

I know it sounds crazy, but think of all those women reading it and telling their husbands all about it.

I have a blog I have not updated in awhile about raising 5 kids

Cojones has a blog about being a young father