Why in the world do I keep asking people "What do you think?" at the office.

"This should pop more"
"I think that you should ___(INSERT FACEPALM SUGGESTION)__"

Some people feel like they haven’t really contributed to a project unless you can see something that they had input on.

My ideal development schedule starts with a wireframe for approval then moves to PHP then HTML then Javascript, and only after we’re comfortable with functionality do we layer in the design. The more time you have a work-in-progress design showing, the more worthless opinions people will want to interject. I’m not able to do that on big projects, though, because project managers don’t typically understand the separation between content, functionality, and style. So on big projects, I just tell anyone who throws out unsolicited opinions to run it by the PM and I try to let them be responsible for hours spent churning design.

When I argue back on that shit, I almost never say "I think". I use concrete language and tend to focus on usability and accessibility (basically "friendliness")