WordPress: Suggestion for a private login to view page?

Anyone know of what would be an easy suggestion or plugin to incorporate a login of some sort, or even a password protected page if clicked on?

I have a friend looking for something similar to below, where he doesnt want everyone to view page, only people he gives out a password/user name to.

I am using a wordpress framework if that helps.

Easiest way is to use WordPress accounts and roles, restrict certain posts/pages to be viewed by users with a specific role.. there are likely many plugins out there that automate this, but I don’t personally know the best. So the customer would register and be approved by him, or he would register them manually and assign the role. Or they could be instantly approved.. in which case you’d have to make the default role for new users the one that has reader permissions

Here is one I found with a quick search I don’t know which one is the best though, someone else here may

A similar but different method is this plugin that shows different content depending on your role, so you could paste in a link to the login form for all approved users, this is likely more work to maintain but would be more SEO friendly if you care, where you would put some brief info for all visitors.