wordpress theme for music artists/bands

I’m going to be doing a site for a friend. He has a cover band that plays locally, so he wanted a website setup. I tried to push him in the myspace for artists direction, but he says he is too old and his peers are not the myspace generation. So, I’m going to do it in wordpress and teach him about wordpress, so he can update it with out my help.

Anyway, are there any good themes for artists or anything? He basically wants an about page, updates, events, mp3 player on teh side bar. I know I’ll ahve to customize whatever I decide to go with, but was just looking for a good base to start with.

google search will return a bunch but they all suck. Your best bet is to find a theme he likes and modify it.

Maybe not band specific, but would be easy enough to adapt

paid theme book pretty cool for a band (depending on what type of band)