Wrapping up first profitable website…what’s next?

I’m in the process of wrapping up my first website that I intend to make a profit from. My question is what my next step should be. I got a voicemail from google adwords a few days ago saying they wanted to help me create an effective campaign. After google are there anymore viable online advertising options? I was thinking facebook would be the next best thing after google. Do you guys think that using the usps’s every door direct mail is a good choice to reach people in my local area (my site appeals to the whole nation though).

well before you start bragging, you make sure it is profitable, just because you think it will be, does not mean it will

now the hard part is ahead of you

Aren’t the majority of AdWords campaigns unprofitable?

My only experience is in organic traffic, but I thought I heard somewhere that AdWords wasn’t profitable for the majority of advertisers. Is that true?

Come to think of it, I don’t know where someone would be able to get data to make that claim, anyway.

One was that I hope to make money is by having some Adsense ads up. I know that’s barely going to amount to anything until I have thousands of people going to my site a day though.

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