WordPress question

I want to redirect users to a new page after they leave a comment. What do I need to edit in the wp_comments or wp_comments_post files in order to redirect them to a different page after they comment?

modifying those files isn’t always good, since an update to wp can undo your changes

You can add:

<input type="hidden" name="redirect_to" value="http://forums.offtopic.com/">

something like that to your comment form in your comments.php
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Where do you sell your sites at?

I’ve only used digitalpoint but fuck that place Prefer free places since these aren’t anything spectacular

they’re not though. Well one might be but I’m not sure. I just want to clear my server of a few of these. For instance one is a harry potter half blood site, a michael jackson updates site, celebrity death updates site, billy mays site, monopoly city streets site/forum and I have a pr3 glype themes site I’d like to get rid of too. not sure what else

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Javascript Alerts on ThickBox…

Anyone know why javascript alerts dont show up on thickbox?

Any workaround for this

now that i look at it, none of my javascript is working

Basically i have a thickbox which loads content from a php page.

Content loads perfectly, but i have some javascript inside that php page. The javascript works when i load the php page directly (google.com/lol.php) but when i load it through the thickbox it doesnt work.

Am i just retarded or does thickbox not work with javascript?

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Partnering with a web developer

I am pitching an idea to a developer on sunday. If he likes my idea/what I have to offer and he wants to enter into a partnership, how should I proceed?

Is it unprofessional to ask him to sign an NDA before I pitch?

Should I bring any contracts with me?

He lives ~45 minutes away. Is meeting once a week often enough?

What other concerns should I have?

What aspects of the business/business relationship should be discussed?
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