Hybrid Site? Don’t want to do an i-frame, any ideas on what to do..

So our current company hosts the website and inventory software, pages, etc all together. I want to host the website ourselves then do an i-frame for the inventory pages and have them host it.. But I don’t want to use an i-frame as it will kill my SEO, how can I do that if the sites on another host?

Can I do mainsite.com namesever 1, 2
inventoy.mainsite.com nameserver 3, 4

? Is that even possible, not sure what to do.. I just want the inventory pages to read ourdomain.com/inventory but not be hosted on our server. Yet also run the main pages at ourdomain.com..

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My First WP Site – Critiques

I haven’t designed a web site for over a decade but am hoping to spend the next few years traveling and hopefully collect some income through Ads/Amazon Affiliates/Donations.

I’ve bought a few domains and have built the first site which will be a Stock Trading Blog focused on Canadian Securities.

I installed WP, used the free Suffusion theme, and came up with this.

So far there are just some test posts on there but I’m looking for some critiques / criticisms that I can work on.
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Critique my re-design

Hello all

Recently just re-designed and re-launched my design company. I added a few people to my team as well. Coding was done by josh.

Initial thoughts on the layout, JS effects and the rest of the pages.

Looks good, my only complaint is the extra space on the bottom of the home page, larger monitors, you have a lot of unused space. You may want to put something down there

Love it! The transition of portfolio projects is way too bright though. Each time it changes I get a bright white screen flash in my face. Also only thing I’d add is in the upper right hand corner of the header I’d add your contact info. So it’s on every single page for more call to action..

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Reddit and CSS…

so I am trying to spruce up my subreddit, and well, I am having a terrible time of it. I have read over a few tutorials, however I still feel lost. any help?
it would be greatly appreciated

Use /r/naut or something. No one wants to fuck with that CSS.

403 Forbidden.. Fixes?

So I’m moving from Bounceweb to Hostgator…

All my shit worked well on their servers, but now I have a proxy script that doesnt work properly.

I am using glype, if that matters, and when i browse to a site with url encryption turned on…

But if I use a pre made link that isnt incrypted. the same browse.php file….

Ive tried .htaccess files, but I am not 100% familiar with how they work…
Ive tried access privledges and have everything in the folder 755…
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so… PayPal reports to the IRS for 2011?

My accountant made me declare everything last year, too

Word on the internet is PayPal is reporting income that is over $20,000 and over 200 transactions.

No one seems to know if you must meet both conditions, or if it means they are reporting income for people who made over $20,000 AND for people who had over 200 transactions.

My accountant made me declare everything last year, too
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2TB disk space hosting solution?

What would you guys recommend for a hosting solution?

Looking to host an adult fetish site.
Unique visits are anticipated at ~500 per day given current analytics
Average file size is ~500MB with ~10 downloads per day.

Adult Content friendly
At least 2TB of Disk space.
Bandwidth 150~300GB per month

Low cost
Decent reliability

? Just a thought, but how are you going to use 2TB of space if you are limited to 150-300GB/month..
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Reminder: Please remember to transfer your domains AWAY from GoDaddy v. SOPA Scandal.

, After this I’ll never use GoDaddy Again, already 75,000+ domains have been transferred so far.

More Information:

I’m surprised people needed this SOPA Scandal to move away from GoDaddy.

I thought godaddy backed out of that guess they cant make up their minds

I tried to get a client to move their ~300 domains to namecheap, but they seem to have bought godaddy’s supposed change of heart

Does this refer to hosting or just registration?

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Coding help

I want to make a site that would utilize the same type of test this uses. Instead of a picture it would be a quote and the person would have to choose between two names.

How hard would this be to do? Any scripts for sale that does this already?