403 Forbidden.. Fixes?

So I’m moving from Bounceweb to Hostgator…

All my shit worked well on their servers, but now I have a proxy script that doesnt work properly.

I am using glype, if that matters, and when i browse to a site with url encryption turned on…

But if I use a pre made link that isnt incrypted. the same browse.php file….

Ive tried .htaccess files, but I am not 100% familiar with how they work…
Ive tried access privledges and have everything in the folder 755…

wtf… Obviously I cant contact HG… Since well, this is against tos…

I have another script that I made that uses variables similarly that is broken as well by HG

Try this, there should be an includes/init.php file for glype. Find the following block of code and add the part to the code.


if ( $banned ) {
      // Send a Forbidden header
      header('HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden', true, 403);

      // Print the banned page and exit!
      echo loadTemplate('banned.page');

Could be mod_security on the new server. See if it’s enabled, and if it is, try to get it disabled for your site.

Try this in your .htaccess to disable it

SecFilterEngine Off

oh cool, your site is 404-fnf.com

I tried pm’ing u but ur inbox is full

my bad…

trying fixes

Erg, no fixee with the commenting out shit

I had a similar problem. IIRC files within folders needed 644 permissions on Hostgator.

glype lol

Hostgator won’t allow that long

Guess I overlooked your post, will try when I get home.

No go, just broke the whole site with a 500 Internal Server Error

If it’s not mod sec it could be suhosin.