Just reinstalled Ubuntu

Anyone wanna buy windows ultimate?

Great improvements since a few years ago. The whole look, feel, and intuition is far better than windows 7. The only thing holding me back from switching was game compatibility but I don’t really play games anymore.

I think it improved my productivity


Today’s bash bug is as big a deal as Heartbleed. That’s for many reasons.

The first reason is that the bug interacts with other software in unexpected ways. We know that interacting with the shell is dangerous, but we write code that does it anyway. An enormous percentage of software interacts with the shell in some fashion. Thus, we’ll never be able to catalogue all the software out there that is vulnerable to the bash bug. This is similar to the OpenSSL bug: OpenSSL is included in a bajillion software packages, so we were never able to fully quantify exactly how much software is vulnerable.
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Get high load, when WHM backup progress, even in 2am

My dedicated server only used for one website, the disk usage in /home directory is 25Gb, where 5Gb is mysql database

In WHM > Configure Backup > I set ‘Backup Status’ to Enabled, with time Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

i already install plugins ‘Configure cPanel Cron Times’a too, and set it in the most off peak time, 2am

but its still make the load become high, can be more than 10, sometime i cant open the website when the server load become high, when WHM backup progressing in the backend, but few minutes again the load is reduced and the website can opened again
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Sticky Post in WordPress? How can I do this?

I have a salesperson blog and need to sticky each salesperson’s bio on top of the other posts. The other posts will be them blogging about products, and news, sales, etc PER their individual category. I’m going to start researching but I figured someone on here might be able to help me out first..

Is there anyway to stick the post on the homepage only?
Anyway to sticky the post on the individual category page only?

Also I’m worried about this problem..
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jQuery help – animation

Hey guys

does anybody know of a jquery script that controls the display of an image based on the position of the cursor?

Basicly I have a animation of 20 pngs and I that to be display when the cursor is moved from left to right with a slight blend effect. Like turning pages in a book.

I love questions like this.

It’s fucking jQuery. Write it yourself.

There are thousands of ready scripts out there. A quick google search came up with nothing that totally matched my requirements so I just thought I would give it a try here before I write it myself.

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best way to sell an AdSense site?


I would assume that if you’re putting an AdSense site on there you should disable AdSense so the fuckwads don’t clickbomb you for fun.

How do you price it? 12-24 months revenue?

Also, how do you sell a private reg site? Everyone says it’s hard but I’ve never heard a straight answer.

I usually do 12 months revenue unless the site has a solid track record(read: 3+ years online generating revenue).

I’ve never had problems selling a private reg’d site.

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