Reminder: Please remember to transfer your domains AWAY from GoDaddy v. SOPA Scandal.

, After this I’ll never use GoDaddy Again, already 75,000+ domains have been transferred so far.

More Information:

I’m surprised people needed this SOPA Scandal to move away from GoDaddy.

I thought godaddy backed out of that guess they cant make up their minds

I tried to get a client to move their ~300 domains to namecheap, but they seem to have bought godaddy’s supposed change of heart

Does this refer to hosting or just registration?

while I hate sopa, I only have a couple on godaddy and am too lazy to bother

die and just offer a better experience. the only reason to ever use godaddy is for the $1 domain coupons, and you should transfer out as soon as possible.

Did you explain how GoDaddy helped write the legislation and that they are exempt from the rules they place on everyone else?

I hate godaddy, but I go on there every other year or something. Its so rare that I just couldn’t care less. I have better shit to do

i like registering my domains through google, because they set up all the google apps shit, there register is enom and the whole process is super easy

Yep. They’re terrible with money, though. They probably just can’t afford to move everything right at the end of the year.

You can do this? Link.

If that isn’t enough to make a move check this out. Got this in email today.