Undefined Javascript Variable

So I’m building a web app that asks users questions related to a resume and then I take that data and convert it into a pdf with proper formatting (I’m going to be put an ad on the bottom of the free version and if users don’t want that advertisement I’ll sell them the full version for $20).

Right now I’m working on a auto fill feature for when users start to enter their college name. My main purpose for doing this is to eliminate variety among college names so I can get an accurate count of what schools the users of my apps went to so that in the future if I want to go to the schools with the alumni’s that use my app the most and perhaps strike a promotion deal with that school for new grads.
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If I am using private namersevers, how come this website can tell me the real ones?

I thought private nameservers were so no one knew what nameservers you were actually using.

When I do a whois it returns my private nameservers.

correctly identifies the nameservers that I am using, not my private ones.

Anyone can look up the nameservers that a domain points to. The trick to being totally hidden is to buy a random BS domain like whateverlolzwebserver.com, and do the whois privacy on it. Never put up a website on that domain and create new "private" nameservers based on that domain. Even though the name of your nameservers can be seen, the whois info is hidden and there’s no other info about that domain online.
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Things you go on Fiverr for?

fake facebook likes

have people comment on my blog so it doesnt look like a ghost town

SEO reports

text-to-speech services

what do u guys use it for


Actually I shut my thing down a while back and haven’t been on again. I haven’t purchased anything on there though.

I go on Fiverr to make money selling gigs. Haven’t bought anything yet.

At my high I was getting 4 gigs a day, but that only lasted a week. Need to change up the game a little.

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database of all zip codes with city and state?

anyone ever have the need to find this list? i currently do and am scouring the internet for a CSV file or something. anyone ever find something like this/know better where to look?

Yes, it was posted on BHW… I might have it bookmarked..

Hoovers, sells them but it’s $3500, lol.

It all depends on how precise you need to resolve it. Wikipedia has a list of three digit prefix that will resolve to city level.
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WordPress Newb

i am working on a wordpress site and i am using this form plugin

i made the form and it seems to work well, but it puts it in the middle of my page, i’d like it to align to the left.

i switch to html and wrote an align tag but that didnt work.

Home Widget 1
This is your first home widget box. To edit please go to Appearance > Widgets and choose 6th widget from the top in area six called Home Widget 1. Title is also manageable from widgets as well.
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how do I choose which database WP uses?

I screwed something up and had to delete my site and reinstall WP. I backed up the old database, but now WP is using a new database that it just created.

How do I get it back to using the old one that is still on my server? Is it a setting in WordPress dashboard somewhere or is it in cPanel or something?


edit – I changed the database name, user, and password in wp-config.php. Good thing I saved the original installation email with the old password. After doing this, the site just loaded a blank page, and then when I tried to log into domain/wp-admin/ it told me to click this button to update the database (I assume this was to the current version of WP since the old database was backed up on 3.4 and it currently has 3.4.1). Then once I logged in and changed the theme, it worked.
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how do I prevent Google from indexing my /wp-admin/ pages?

Just noticed this is happening on at least one of my sites. I can’t imagine anything good coming from this.

I already answered this in your other thread:

Doesn’t WP come with a default robots file that disallows that?? Drupal does …

you might want to disallow it a lot more than that

i use on all my sites, its fantastic

this is some of the options in general settings:

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Is there a way in Google Analytics to view…

the data for ALL your sites?

Like say you have 5 sites and you just want to see what your total traffic for the day was, rather than having to load each site individually and look at its stats.

I know in the upper left there is a dropdown where you can choose the site you want to see the stats for but I don’t see a way to combine all sites (like you can in AdSense).

In old Google analytics you could see this. The new one sucks balls.