Meeting with a VC next week

Want 6 mil series A. Should I suck his cock?

New company or the company you were running before?

Have you had a seed round or is this running on its own looking for expansion now? If you are serious, you should be setting up a lot of meetings to find the right investor with some good connections for you.

Good luck! Remember to do your homework on your market etc. Are you presenting?

o2, they will give you like $6M to invest in adult tube site ?

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soup bros

haven’t logged on in a few months. checking a few pm’s so i’d stop by and say

work blows. we are looking at getting vc funding, but i may walk away from my options because i don’t think my boss can get it off the ground. she is a fucking nightmare to work for.

started another project on my own. the idea will be to put out a few apps within a short time and see what sticks. Again, the model will be acquisition (I’ll be charging people to use the product this time around though lol). got one good solid idea that i’ve started to build out.
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Notepad++ to read .phtml files correctly?

with php files u can see enclosements but with phtml files you cant in notepad++

anyone know of a program that lets you edit phtml files where you can easily see the opening and closing loop of functions and shit

You can do that with Notepad++ by setting which syntax library you want to use.

for syntax like this

<?php if ($_additional = $this->getChildHtml(‘additional’)):?>
<div class="collateral-box">
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