Quick help with wordpress

Im trying to have a heading "pic of the week" next to the picture on the bottom but its being pushed up to the middle of the page. the pic and the h3 heading is in the same div.

Any Help?

<?php endif; ?>
<?php //mostrated image of the week; ?>					

	<div style="height:70; width:540; background:#00FF00;">

$connection=mysql_connect('XXXXXXXXXXX', 'XXXXXXX','Picsite1') or die('connection failed');
$db=mysql_select_db( 'XXXXXXXX',$connection);
$sql="SELECT * FROM `wp_mostrated_image`";

} ?>
<a title="" rel="fancybox" class="thickbox " href="http://moodmuzic.com/picpress/wp-content/uploads/<?php echo $imgurl; ?>" class="fancybox"><img height="125" width="125" alt="" style="float:right;position: relative;right:95px;top:5px;" class="" src="http://moodmuzic.com/picpress/wp-content/uploads/<?php echo $imgurl; ?>"></a>


<div style="height:70; width:200; background:#00FF00;">      	
			<h3>Pic of the Week</h3>


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