If you are lookign for a new aff network i run with these guys alot

Great guys just spent the last week in europe with them, went to paris and london and monaco with them and had a blast.

they also do weekly wires and have net1 payouts, basically what you make from friday to thursday you get paid friday on.

im surprised you didnt have a hidden affiliate link in your post with all that recruiter spam

i never understood why affiliates require you to have a website up already

i mean, what website do they want me to have? do they want me already promoting their advertisers BEFORE i sign up with them?
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Thoughts on the new visual look for my site?

Just released a new look to my site. Thoughts on ways to improve it?

The old site was a lot darker and much more text heavy. I was trying to go for a "easy on the eyes" approach as well as focusing on graphics to explain the site.


Makes me want to lick it.

Looks a thousand times better. Slideshow only breaks if you click a button while it’s in the middle of a transition..

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Advice on dealing with a shady company?

This is an odd situation, but I wanted to see if you folks could offer some advice.

I’m helping a local shop get online with google. Part of this involved re-doing their website. They had registered their domain name through 1dollarhosting/webcountry, which is a completely crooked company by all accounts. Some reviews are here:

A while ago, I had them log into their webcountry account to change their hosting plan to a more reliable company, and change the nameservers to point to zoneedit. WebCountry immediately emailed them demanding to know why they made those changes.
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Link Building..

I have been working on my e-commerce for a while now, I do all of my own link building work but I feel I have to be missing something. Mostly all the link building I do is commenting on high PR blogs, and wondering if anyone wants to share some suggestions? Iv’e heard about article building, web 2.0 shit and all that, but it doesn’t seem to apply as easy to my e-commerce site.

Cliffs: where can I get good links for an e-commerce site besides blogs?

you do realize that most high PR blogs use no follow for comments? The only ones that tend to have dofollow turned on are a select few SEO type blogs

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Framework of Choice?

I know there are a few developers on this board, just wanted to see what frameworks (if any) you guys are working with.

Personally, I’ve been in CakePHP for about a week now. First 3 days got through 500 pages of an O’Reilly book. This is the first time I’ve used MVC conventions in building sites, so far I am absolutely in love with it. Since I finished the book I’ve been going through the API and .

The main reason for the switch was I needed normalization, I got tired of using a bunch of functions that I had piled up through the years to get what I needed done.
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