Any flash gurus here?

Preferably anyone with experience making games/interactive programs…

How long do your projects usually take?
How much would you want to be paid to program a flash game? something not too complicated without anything beyond simple questions with answers you can choose, or a flash card type of game. just buttons to click on.

wanna fight me for it?

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Looking to start my own site/blog/gallery

I’ve been toying with the idea of opening up a site for myself to showcase my art.

I’m kind of shooting in the dark here so what I’m looking for is something that I can use to display and also possibly sell my stuff through. I would also like to be able to update it with posts/information etc. Maybe something along the lines of a "portfolio" type of setup.

Any advice on where to start? …getting traffic is a plus, but is really secondary to making it look clean and .
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vB spam signups..

Got 2 vB sites.. both on 3.8

One gets NO spam signups, or spammers, ever. Been up for 5 years. The 2nd one is new, and is getting bombed daily by fake accounts.

5-6 fake signups a day.. most do nothing, have no links in sigs, they’re just a username + email signup that then sits dormant (obvious fake accounts though, random email addresses and username is always FirstnameLastname type format).

I’ve got recaptcha on signup, doesn’t do shit.
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boucne web = bullshit

i’ve canceled my account months ago, and every month i am getting charged though paypal, and i have to send them a message each fucking month. Now i have to message them again to get a refund. Total bullshit

should had canceled the subscription before canceling the account

If it’s through Paypal, then you can just cancel the Paypal subscription. There isn’t any intervention from their side required…

i have no subscriptions on my paypal account

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Adwords autobilling

You will be billed every USD $50.00. Can this be turned off? I don’t want them taking funds out automatically

dont spend more then $50, and you wont be auto billed.

Mine setup so I have to authorise each payment

I set mine up on a pre-pay plan… but my other account has a $500 auto bill limit.

I actually prefer pre-pay, though it takes a toll on your cash-flow.

Web designer – starting pay???

Just curious…

All the web design work that I have done was either for myself, a favor for a friend, or small cash jobs here and there.

How much would a moderately skilled web designer make starting off (working for a company or small business)?

I know this is a vaugue question with MANY variables; experience, skills, etc… But generally speaking, can anyone give me a ball park figure?

I’m beginning to realize that I may be better off hiring someone for my business, rather than doing the design work myself.

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Tips on being accepted to CPA networks?

I’m a noob at this stuff and just created a site. I’m looking to sign up with a CPA network such as Copeac. Is there any secret to getting accepted?

yeah, appear to know what you’re doing.

be able to talk the talk.

Just be honest and tell them that you’re new but you’re eager to learn the ropes.

Don’t sound nervous.

Just be honest and tell them that you’re new but you’re eager to learn the ropes.
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Photo hosting site – setup to re-sale pics for profit

I am looking for a photo hosting service that allows you to share/sell the photos you have uploaded…and make a profit.

I know there are several sites out there that allow you to host your photos and sell them, but they keep 100% of the money. I am looking for a site that would allow me to set my own prices and keep a part of the proceeds.

Shutterfly offers this for $/year and a comission.

I’ve looked at picasa, snapfish and winkflash and I don’t think they offer this option.
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