design, build and SEO job. serious inquiries…

Company needs a new site.
Here are the details…

A small services company has 4-5 software based products they developed in house to resell along with services to its customers.
The company wishes to separate the two, services and software into 2 separate online identities.
This project is to establish the software product division online to promote the software portion of the business and compete directly against certain manufacturers.
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Lulz, finally jumped on the facebook app bandwagon

I’m like 3 years late, but whatever. The facebook api documentation sucks giant cock, but once you start to figure it out it’s not too bad.

I made an app that pulls from my college bar website that allows facebook people to identify and share their favorite bars.

Shit’s weak though. You can’t add it to the directory until like 5 people are actively using it and 10 people have used it once in the month or something like that.

the directory is complete fucking garbage anyway. I had more success with myspaces app platform, and who the fuck uses myspace anymore

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Streaming porn site

Who would like to start one? I figure if they are still online they are still making money…maybe we can capture a niche market. I’ve got monies.

Trev runs one or two of these. I have no idea if he makes any money off of them though.

Number 1, I’d imagine you’d be pirating content… so you’re no better than a torrent site. In terms of legaility, expect DMCA take down notices etc.

Number 2, you’re going to need a ridiculous amount of bandwidth. If you haven’t already got access to cheap bandwidth (e.g. gbit cogent at $1.5/mbit 95th) then you’re going to struggle to profit.
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Got some holiday gifts from some networks today in the mail

Forgive the high iso/grainyness on the pics I just went from my canon 5d mark1 to the canon 5d mark2 today which is the new camera and I’m getting used to it. I only had it 30 mins before taking these pics.

So I get a box from fedex and I open it up and take a look at whats inside with a note from the guys at wishing me a happy holidays.

So I start to open it and whats this I see….

So I take all the wrapping off

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Wanted: Live Chat Script

I am looking for OT’s opinion on the best free live chat script. This script is so that when clients log in to the website, they will see a button that indicates whether an operator is currently on line or not. If they are, they can click the button to begin chat with the operator.

If you have used one before, what do you recommend.

Something that would integrate with drupal 6 would be awesome too. Couldn’t find anything

anybody ever use ?

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