So my new app is mostly complete

Let me know what you think…

Basically it lets you add and browse playlists from spotify very easily without having to sign up for my site (I wanted a one stop shop to have only ONE click before youre listening to music).

You can vote and all that stuffs too. Theres also other stuff I’m working on to make it so you can see other playlists submitted by that spotify user, but I need to tweak it before I put it live.

Give it a whirl

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Why in the world do I keep asking people "What do you think?" at the office.

"This should pop more"
"I think that you should ___(INSERT FACEPALM SUGGESTION)__"

Some people feel like they haven’t really contributed to a project unless you can see something that they had input on.

My ideal development schedule starts with a wireframe for approval then moves to PHP then HTML then Javascript, and only after we’re comfortable with functionality do we layer in the design. The more time you have a work-in-progress design showing, the more worthless opinions people will want to interject. I’m not able to do that on big projects, though, because project managers don’t typically understand the separation between content, functionality, and style. So on big projects, I just tell anyone who throws out unsolicited opinions to run it by the PM and I try to let them be responsible for hours spent churning design.

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What type of CMS to use?

I am looking at creating a website for a specific type of product. I’d like a main page that explains what my company is, etc…but then I’d like a strong CMS system for the different products my company will be selling. I’d like consumers to be able to search by brand, color, rating (filter options). Would shopify be a good CMS to go with? I was also looking at drupal. Any suggestions?

That would be easy in Drupal, but you should post here with more details so that you don’t set it up wrong.

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Am I doing something wrong with jquery?

I want to display charts on a site so I downloaded ElyCharts from . I’ve never used jquery before so I don’t know what to expect.

According to their documentation you need to have jquery and Raphael installed, so I downloaded both of those and uploaded them to my website.

My website contains the following:

– cgi-bin folder
– elycharts.js
– index.htm
– jquery-1.10.2.min.js
– raphael-min.js

I renamed the .js files to match what they are called in the code.
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Help creating a Review Site (wordpress?)

Hey guys,

Looking at creating a review site. I want it to basically be like a Tripadvisor style where each location can have multiple reviews submitted by customers. Been looking at all the wordpress themes but they all seem to be focused on reviews by the site owner which is not what I want.

Is this a fairly custom type of job?

Thx OtBros

Your thoughts on Javascript ?

I think it’s the language of the future.

I love it. It’s what I started programming in, and now that it’s server side on Node.js I couldn’t be happier. Also, iOS has added JavascriptCore, which opens up some very cool possibilities between js servers and iOS devices.

It’s definitely not the answer for everything – I use Node.js primarily to connect to legacy systems and provide APIs for mobile and single-page apps.

what’s the use? it’s like an opinion about the weather when you can’t change anything about it, lol. no but seriously if you like new shit they’re doing with js then check out asm.js. basically it’s a specification for a subset of that’s compilable. i thought it was pretty neat.

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PUZZLE/PROBLEM: Save content of an opened tab in chrome, site no longer exists.

OK so … I haven’t posted here in a while. When I came across this problem I knew it would find it’s solution on OT.

So here it is:

A while back I opened some tabs in Google Chrome. (OSX ML)
…Since then (40+ days or so) the website in which I opened the tabs has gone down. I would like to retain the information as it is possibly the last known archives of some of these pages. Even the Web Archives has removed the sites history from it’s records.
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