Can you have an email address at a forwarded domain?

I forward one of my business domains to another but I want to have an email address at the one that is forwarded. I just forward it from the registrar.

Can I have an email account there or does that require hosting?

As long as you have access to the DNS you can set the MX records to a free email service.

Looking for someone who is willing to rent their Paypal account to me (monthly $$ 4U)

Here’s the deal. I’m located outside of the US, and one of my suppliers only takes business from US Paypal accounts.

I run a dropshipping business and pretty much need a verified Paypal account by a US citizen (who ideally doesn’t use it much) so that I can wire money in/out when I please.

You will be compensated with a monthly amount wired to your linked bank account.

Interviewing candidates this week

Can someone tell me in webdev terms wtf went wrong with website?

i heard to the tune of 93 million dollars CGI charged the govt to make revamp for obamacare

now its making top headlines that website sucks across all news channels and even obama is apologizing for it on the web companies behalf

man thats worse than getting hacked right there as a webdev to have obama apologize for you.

goodbye to those future govt contracts

You mean it was supposed to be 93million, but now is 393million.

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Better ecommerce solutions than Drupal/Ubercart

I’ve done a couple ecommerce sites on Drupal with Ubercart, but I have to say that I am not really that impressed. I have a couple more potential ecommerce clients interested in building something out, and I’m not really sure what route to go in in terms of a cart program. I’ve never used Magento, and I don’t have a designer who I trust who has built on Magento before. I have heard it is a very good platform.

Anyone here have experience with other ecommerce platforms and can make recommendations?

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Neat. PNG + metadata + JavaScript = 24bit animations with better compression than GIF

This is pretty rad.

I wrote a small Python script that takes a collection of PNG frames as input, and emits a single packed PNG file as output, which contains all the differences between the frames, and some JSON meta-data specifying which bits of the packed PNG file correspond to each frame. JavaScript turns the PNG and JSON into an animation, using either the canvas element, or emulating it using overlaid div elements for older browsers.

An example of a PNG it spits out (note the mangled image data on the bottom):
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Whats the best service to take CC on my site?

Besides like paypal?


stripe is a good out of the box solution.

you can set up or payflow pro (paypal) api to great effect. you don’t store card numbers, only transaction id’s so you can authorize and then charge later, or perform "sale" which is an authorize/instant charge. gives you great flexibility, but you need programming experience to get anything out of it.

Closed Picture sharing site

Hello guys

I currently would like to make a picture sharing site for some friends and me. As some people are pretty security concerned or just flat out hate facebook we have to do it this way.

I thought about making it with Drupal but that seems quite over the top.

Does anybody know a project for something with the following capabilities:

  • set list of users / everyone with their own login
  • everybody can upload pictures / create albums
  • comment system
  • some sort of forum or leave a message system

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