DDOS protected hosts (not cloudflare)

Looking for either a host who has ddos protection, or a ddos proxy which basically gives you an ip to use for your own host.

Needs to handle layer 3and 4 (udp and syn attacks mainly).

Looking for something on a budget. Similar to awknet i suppose. Nothing extreme like blacklotus, unless you guys know a good reseller. Black lotus is amazing from what i hear, but 300bucks a month is way out of my budget.

Any ideas? Looking for 50-80 bucks if possible. I’ve been playing around with buyvm, who has ddos protection through awknet and theyre great except recently have been having insane problems with their DC and it’l be a month before they switch.
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Little help with chroot etc for locking down permission on vps

Hey guys. I currently have a vps that im using for ssh tunneling.

No extra programs, just basic ssh. I have a couple users connected so i want to make this thing as secure as possible.

I was wondering if anyone knew any commands which can basically lock out all possible read/write/execute for all users except root.

Right now im not using groups, so maybe that might be a good alternative too, to help clean it up a little.

Just trying to add a little more security to this system, but still a noob

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Dealing with ddos/syn floods on your vps

Any idea guys?

I’ve tried out a few iptable scripts and such, but i dont think theyre working.

For my server, i don’t use port 80. I thought closing that port would basically reject all trafic, therefore stop any ddos on that port, yet when i test it with either udp or syn i still crash it.

what about only whitelisting certain ip blocks and allowing only those to connect.

We have users, so getting their ip wont be a huge deal.
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Help with site when viewing on iphone/ipad

Its a wordpress site and its responsive, for some reason the when you view it on the iPad or Iphone the logo doesn’t showup. not sure why its doing this any help?

Works for me.

Just as an FYI, you can debug a web page on your iOS device from Safari on your Desktop.

If you have the Developer options enabled, it will show up under the Develop menu.

yea it was fixed thanks, but does anyone know how to make the images in the menu not blurry when viewing on an iphone and ipad?, the contact image is fine but the other two are not.

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Any of you guys use Google checkout to receive payments?

How does it compare to PayPal? Any problems? I’ve been asked if I accept Google Checkout payments and am wondering if it’s worth setting up an account.

I have been using Google Checkout as the primary merchant for online payments for our datacenter and development company. It has been very good and depending on your revenue the fees are quite reasonable.
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Anyone using "author" tags if/when using your real names on your blogs?

I’m curious if it has any significant bump in SERPs for specific post as well as anything you ever write once you are "trusted".

I just got it set up on one site to test out. Brand new domain so want to see if it will help get me indexed, ranked and out of the sandbox if it has author attributes.

I’m also curious if anyone has noticed any increase in clichthrough from the SERPs because of it, I assume from the image maybe.

Not used to have my real name/info connected to the content I put out there though…but it’s usually crap content so that is more the reason
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Stop paying Github

I have been using Github for ages because it works well. But I am currently dropping $50/month to host my repositories and despite merging multiple archived apps into single repos, I still have more repos than their publicly available packages will support.

Enter: gilab.com which is a hosted version of gitlab.org.

I now have gitlab running on a server that some friends and I use to save money over the cost of github and I had never visited their site for hosted gitlab.
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Why do hosts allow reseller accounts?

I understand there are many hosts who are just selling space on a bigger host’s reseller program. They are basically middlemen. Like this:

Big Host sells a reseller account to Mr. A.

Mr. A. makes a website for "Mr. A’s hosting" and get some clients. He is their host, but Big Host is his host. So technically his clients are using Big Host’s servers, it’s just Mr. A is a middleman.

Why do the bigger hosts allow this?

I understand they get paid by the reseller, but if you were a big host and didn’t allow resellers, then anyone who wanted to host would have to deal directly with you, and you’d get more business and be able to charge more.
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.Net programmer needed $$

I need someone to help me move from one server to another. I am a PHP guy, and don’t want to waste any more time on this. It looks like some COM dependency issues at this point. I am sure one of you guys can get it done quickly. PM me for more details, approximate pricing to move a site/fix dependency issues.
Willing to post /award it on elance for the escrow ability, as well as to give you a good review. I know there are some talented folks here.

can you give more info? is it an asp.net app? webforms or mvc?…etc…

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