CPC Adverts for Private Sites

Hey, Cow and I have been looking for a decent alternate ad platform to use on the index besides Adsense. Anyone have any suggestions?

The site is behind authentication and we block spiders via robots.txt. it makes it difficult to run most ad publishers because the advertisements are in no way targeted.

The other alternative is through affiliate marketing, which is often a pain in the ass.


This isn’t for Phile. It will never have Ads. Additionally this is not for paid subscribers but to present to accounts that do not subscribe.
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Your Client Work..

I am still pretty new to OT as a community but not to the niche this forum seems to address. I am curious to know what your client work is like, more ideally than anything.

My organization started a decade or more ago as a small development shop. We ended up keeping up and ahead of the mainstream technology which got us in with some great projects early on.

We have moved into many arenas, especially with the evolution of WordPress. We developed with WooThemes on their original Framework and now provide development for 4 of the Elite Authors on Envato’s network.
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Need some help with new domains

I just bought a few domains and i’m looking to add just a little content on one of them and have the other websites re-direct to the main site…..How much is that going to cost me?

It depends what you mean by "content".

content as in the logo i already have, a contact us link and a little about the company…….a view of my amazon store if thats possible too…thats all im looking for

Nothing if you know how to load in your content and how to setup the domain redirects using the cpanel (or whatever your hosting company uses).

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