Badger vs godaddy

I have it on good authority that they are better and cheaper than godaddy, and transferring your domains is a breeze.

I want TWL’s opinion.

How do they compare to namecheap?

last thing I heard about them was 4 or 5 months ago and they were looking for beta testers

So would you say they aren’t established enough yet to rely on?

Looks sketchy from the website design alone.. Wouldn’t trust them yet.

6 months or so they were looking for beta testers so no I would not currently trust them

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This is why Google sucks now v.does this have a name?

When you search for something and the results show multiple subsequent listings for the same domain.

If I didn’t like the first result or two from that domain, I probably won’t like the next 10, either. BETTER KEEP SHOWING MORE FROM THAT DOMAIN JUST IN CASE.

I also hate how Google modifies the SERPs based on sites you’ve visited.

Right now I have a site showing in position #4 that is actually ranking in position 130. It’s the only site I’ve visited in a search from those keywords.
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How do you respond professionally when people say "you’re too expensive"?

Or "I can get that cheaper elsewhere."

I mean professional replies, not OT main forum replies

I started with a new client (contracting full-time-ish) several years ago at an 18% lower rate than normal because I wanted to be involved with their project, and I thought it would be good experience for both of us. A year later, I told them that if they wanted to continue working with me, I had to increase my rate for the new calendar year by about 30% (ending up just over my old normal rate).
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Dear Drupal people, How would you do this?

I have a Location content type containing address and GPS fields that I’m displaying in a table via Views. A jQuery plugin reads the table data and builds a on the page using the tabular data. I am filtering the locations being displayed to only show locations that have a relation/reference to a user of a specific role.

The hard part is that I need another user role to be able to approve the relation/reference before the location appears on the map. I’ve been trying to imagine a way to do this without giving the first role access to edit the locations and without giving the approvers access to edit other users.
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So my client blows up his wordpress install and needs to restore from backup…

He hosts with GoDaddy.

I send off the request and get a 500 word form letter essentially requesting that he upgrade his hosting and pay $150 to restore the site to its state 2 days ago. It’s a 3 page, simple as beans site for his mobile car wash.

My host, asmallorange does this FREE…within 4 hours of the request.

GoDaddy is bad for mankind.

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Question about .png files

Not sure if this is the right subforum…

Ok so I know .png is a type of image.

By default, Fireworks saves its images as .png (like .psd in Photoshop) with all the layers and everything.

If I export those as .png files, no one else will be able to access the layers, right? What I’m asking is when you export a .png in Fireworks, it permanently "flattens" the image, right?

As opposed to if I send you the .png with all the layers and you open it in Fireworks and have access to all the layers.
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Project Management Solutions?

Hi gang, I don’t want to keep bouncing around to different project management solutions, so before I choose a new one I figured I’d see if you guys know of any thing else I should consider.

I’m very aware of the following, the 1st three are all pretty much the same.

(currently using)

Would really like to find something that has a nice wall between internal staff/developers and clients, so clients can participate in projects without necessarily seeing our internal conversations, so my developers can be more free to speak their mind without clients seeing it.
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