forcing social media shares? :roflwtf:

I was looking for Godaddy auction coupon codes and found this:

Share or wait 988 seconds? Blow me

edit – you can still scroll the page up and down with the scrollbar on the right, there’s just that popup in the way the whole time.

Here’s the site:

That would likely piss too many people off lol. It’s also stupid, the way they have it set up as people can clearly see the coupon codes and will just write them down. Then the guy is losing out on cookie placement/affiliate sales. Other sites are smarter where you have to click the image to get the code/get forwarded and in turn forcing the cookies.
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what is "id" inside an <a> tag


<a id="FC834-5231-5342-3B8D-38C8BA82048F83" href="">anchortext</a>


It’s the unique id of that anchor element. Judging by context, I’m assuming it’s generated and probably has a controller tracking clicks or something.

E-mail signature question. Need idea for a disclaimer..

I am switching e-mails…post a good disclaimer/signature for me to spam to my contacts

also post cool logo ideas

Dear email subscriber of the e-mail kingdom world, we regret to inform you we have spammed your inbox. By all means we will continue to, unless you choose to opt-out which requires us to legally leave you alone. In that event, we will create a new e-mail account and start a new company so we can further hassle you until you buy one of our products. If you are content on opting out please note we have a policy to sign your e-mail up for various other subscriber lists, including but not limited to penis enlargement news and cat facts. Warmest regards.

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is there anything on the host’s side that could prevent WP plugins from working?

I’m using a plugin that does 301 redirects to the homepage for any pages that give a 404 error. I have this plugin working on dozens of sites, but I recently am using a new host for one of my sites and the plugin is not working.

Since everything else is basically the same, I cannot think of a reason why it would not work unless there is something on the host’s side, or some sort of permission error or something somewhere.

The plugin installs and activates just fine, it just doesn’t redirect any 404 errors.
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Quit my job today.

Company lost their muscle today Although, I’ve trained and guided the teams so I’m confident they’ll be able to pick up the pieces and pick up where they left off. Next few weeks are going to be a tough transition period and decisions like this are always tough for me. But at the same time, I gotta look out for myself, and it’s hard to decline a great offer.

I’m drunk.

Also vegetarian, and tonight’s the first night I ate steak since March. My stomach is going to be fucking with me tomorrow.
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grabbing an expires network solutions domain?

Anyone have any experience with this? There’s a domain that I want, but I really dont want to pay through the ass to get it. It expired around the end of September, and I’ve read that they usually drop within 30-45 days, so it should be available by now. Network solutions is fucking garbage though, so I’m not surprised

Wrapping up first profitable website…what’s next?

I’m in the process of wrapping up my first website that I intend to make a profit from. My question is what my next step should be. I got a voicemail from google adwords a few days ago saying they wanted to help me create an effective campaign. After google are there anymore viable online advertising options? I was thinking facebook would be the next best thing after google. Do you guys think that using the usps’s every door direct mail is a good choice to reach people in my local area (my site appeals to the whole nation though).

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