ad to put on blog site?

i am not sure which company to choose from since there is so many choices. do you guys have one or two to recommend me one? the blog is mainly for nude pic/vids of korean girls.

your choices are probably limited to adult pay per signup ads. lucky for you, there are still horny old men who dont know about free prawns

image links have a border in IE


How do I remove this? It doesn’t happen in FF.

Yeah, mine have a blue border against a black background, but it looks like the same thing.

The website is a super basic .html design done in Dreamweaver. There’s no CSS, no crazy nonsense, it’s a super simple page designed to let customers place orders. The images are menu navigation; a logo that takes you back to the home page.

Except it looks wrong in IE cuz it has a blue border.

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Photo upload script

Looking for a PHP photo upload script for a group to go to a site and be able to upload a bunch of photos. I’m feeling lazy and just want to host it and have them upload their pictures so I have them, but I just don’t want to write a script to do it. The things I’m looking for: PHP script, multi-file uploader, free, keyword tagging would be nice but not necessary. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

I actually wrote a script in php that does that for a furniture store so they can update their products themselves. I’ll give you my code, but you’d have to adjust it to your needs.
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PDF to html

Anyone ever had success with any converters?

I have a 52 page pdf I need to convert, it is mostly straight text, a couple of lists and a few simple tables.. No layering or anything out of the ordinary.

I tried Acrobat, but it was pretty sloppy and not very accurate.

The PDF looks like this mostly:

Is there a reason why you don’t want to just embed the pdf directly into the site?

It is being built as an html mobile app for ipads. The client doesn’t want the user to have to use two fingers to scroll

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Hiring: Freelance Designer.

Have a project coming through the pipeline and my usual designers are booked. Hiring!

It’s a one (maybe two) page microsite.

Shoot me a PM. It’s a sports focused project, so if you know the NFL, even better!


chrome/ff extension that lets me copy/paste custom text fields?

so for work, i’m working on adding products in our inventory. all i need to do is copy the data from text fields from the wholesale’s website and paste it into my company’s website. have to do this for each item, and its well over 3000+ products. its not hard, just really tedious.

i figure there’s possibly a simple chrome/firefox extension/script out there that might just let me specify multiple custom text fields and copy the text for me with one click. any suggestions?

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