Anyone using WordPress for an eCommerce store?

I’ve been using Magento on one site and it’s wayyy to much for my needs.

I’ve been thinking about using WordPress with one of the eCommerce plugins.

Is anyone doing this? Got any recommendations for which eCommerce plugin to use?

actually I am going to be looking into this for a client, all he wants to do is start off with one item and once he gets licensing from other sports teams, branch out

wp e-commerce and marketpress will get the job done but I am a big fan of ecwid
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Looking for a drupal yelp clone

I have been looking all over, but i don’t seem to find a guide to be able to create a yelp clone using drupal. Any help?

You could make your own with views ( and cck if you’re using D6 )

I agree with fishbulb, with D7 it’s mostly just a content type with fields & Views, maybe add and some special address fields with geocoding

Adwords Keyword Tool Estimates Are Completely "Bullshit". Google Being Fake?

Google is seriously trolling people here.. Hard competition, 6,600 Global searches, 2,400 local searches, and I’m ranked #1 for keyword keyword and keywordkeyword, etc every variation.. Have a compelling title/description, etc.. Checked it with multiple SERP checkers, from multiple locations, browsers, etc and in fact #1.

Guess how many people have came from that keyword being search: 0.

What gives? They can’t seriously be honest here, they have the technology for real data, for it to be off this much is them just lying to the public flat out..
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hundreds of hits to wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

Is this a problem or going to eat up bandwidth or anything?

I have a new site that gets an average of like 3 visits per day, but wp-admin/admin-ajax.php has over 1,200 hits.

Is this an issue or is this normal behavior?

I found a plugin for changing the admin path the other day. Isn’t that the standard path? My guess would be bots.


Do you guys have any experience with web development certifications?

I’ve always thought a portfolio is way more valuable than certifications/degrees for the type of stuff we do. Are any of these worthwhile or just a scam?

I think in general certifications are a joke, no matter what they are for

and that first website I would not trust looking like that lol


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How do you guys feel about mint analytics?

So, I see quite a few adwords posts lately, I may as well ask my question while were talking about analytics.

Have you guys used , and do you like it?

I suppose my main questions are…

1. I have used analytics for years, and have explored perhaps 80% of every nook and cranny. It does have a massive amount of data and features but it seems to be more ‘all inclusive’. I often find myself just staring at millions of different charts wishing I knew how to read the data and use it effectively.
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Suggest a quality custom server hardware vendor

I’m looking for something along the lines of:

6 core xeon (or dual quad)
16GB Ram
2 x 64GB SSD raid1 OS
12 or 16 x 1TB 2.5" SATA disks
storage controller that supports JBOD passthru (disks not exported as raid0)
4 x 1Gbit ports
KVM (iLO, iDrac, etc)

Im looking to get several of these a month, and I need a reliable supplier that can build this stuff quickly and ship to EU.

Seriously just get Dell/HP/IBM, whitebox prices seem cheap but the peace of mind of just calling to log a fault with a decent SLA and them having the right part and support is priceless.

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Google Analytics is awesome

Using this amazing keyword data I am able to customize my site based on traffic trends

Dont even get me started. I fucking fucking hate that shit.

Literally 97% of my keyword say that because I target a tech crowd who is always logged into Google.


This whole "privacy" thing is bullshit. How would they be releasing private data if the data is anonymous? SHOW ME THE GOD DAMN SEARCH TERMS.

I still get my keyword data, using other analytic software though. So nice to be able to see exactly what phrase they searched from, etc. But man that’s kind of shady on G’s part.

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Done deal

2nd acquisition in 13 months is finally done. M&A blows, started back in April

2nd mobile product. Sadly, I have to work for them for ~2 years (Which I mean, oh noes a guaranteed income)

I am telling you guys, mobile enterprise market is HOT HOT HOT. It will be the cash cow in the next year or two.

Mobile as in phone apps? Isn’t there already enough stuff? I mean what else can be made.. No ideas even come to mind. , When I think mobile all I think of is:
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