New Website – All Things Luxury – Please review

Good day everyone. I am new to Offtopic, and also just recently finished my website for my company, "All Things Luxury". It is a Discount Jewelry, Designer Goods and Watch website, we liquidate items for businesses that have gone under and also have an active re sellers program.

With the above in mind, I would like some feedback on my website. Also I am always looking for skilled graphic designers for new images, banners etc. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
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Drupal vs. Modx?

I’m about to start learning up on CMS’s, and will be developing mainly smaller sites. What are the advantages/disadvantages of those two? I know drupal has a larger community and probably more modules readily available. I’ve heard it’s great for building even large, complex enterprise sites.

Project I’m working on right now is a website for a car dealrship, it’s main functionality will be and inventory, search, and filtering results.

I’ve done some ASP with Access ages ago and PHP with MySQL more recently, but are there modules that will make that kind of functionality easier to implement?

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Can someone explain what Feedburner is? And what RSS is? And things like that?

First off are they necessary for a blog if you plan on running it for a long time? Do they have any benefits for ranking or seo, or anything of that nature? Or are they just a quick update of things posted on the site, like an e-mail newsletter? Actually looks like FeedBurner is with Google now? Or how do you set a site up for Google Reader? Anything extra I have to do.. Is RSS even still going on? Sorry I have no idea what these things are..

I don’t really understand the concept.

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Two-Factor Authentication for WHM/Cpanel

Im a paranoid fuck that is always about entering passwords anywhere, i stumbled across yubikey, which is a usb stick you plug in when you have to type your passwords that works pretty good with last pass

what do you guys think?

I use google authenticator and i was looking for something that can be integrated with my phone thats similar to authenticator that can be used to login to WHM/Cpanel through the web browser… anyone know of anything like this? if not i guess im gonna try out this yubikey but im still about it because its not secure like google authenticator is

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Canned E-Mail Response App?

Anyone know of a good canned response tool to follow up with template emails to customers?

looking @ toutapp & gmail built in canned responses.

taht one does not allow HTML but toutapp does.

anyone know or use something to reply with template emails to customers thats more streamlined?

Recommend WordPress Security + SEO + Optimization Plug-ins/Things

, Not sure where to look; haven’t really used wordpress for a few years. But want to start using the platform again.. Open to all plug-ins, including free and paid if you have a second to type some out.

one plug in that is a must I use on all sites is all in one seo pack

but do a search, there have been a few threads about wordpress plugins and there are great suggestions in them

one plug in that is a must I use on all sites is all in one seo pack
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Simple voting / "like" script?

Hey guys,

Been a while since I’ve posted in here, some of you gave me a lot of help with a personal website I am working on.. I’m back for more.

The site isn’t heavy on the content but I want to have a small section where viewers can vote on things just a simple yes/no or "like/dislike" would be great.

I don’t want it to require an account for voting.. I would prefer it not use cookies since those can be cleared.. maybe there is a way to set things up track an IP address?
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