Random shot in the dark: Anyone going to Digital East?

Lots of hotties actually

it is today and tomorrow lol

Sat in on a talk on online marketing. Rosetta stone was there, Comcast, and a few others.

RS was interesting because they talked about how they build their brand not to secure the sale in the mall, but so when you think "I want to pickup Spanish" you know – Rosetta Stone. Talked about social marketing and the value of Facebook for them.
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decent cms, hosted

i need a hosted cms i can skin with whatever, would wordpress be the best?

any recommendations for hosts?

Wordpress would be the way to go hostgator/bounceweb/dreamhost all are ok.

stay away from dreamhost, they fucking suck

best bet is hostgator, used them for 3 years and not a problem with them

hostgator + joomla seems to be decent


ask questions, disregard responses and choose the shittiest CMS out there
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jesus fuck CSS3 is such a huge fail

none of the browsers ever agreed on one single facet of CSS3

you always have to do for each one. i love how they say future of web design

fuckin CSS3 got tossed in the garbage bin when they found out it was more of a hassle to code for every single browser out there than to make a fucking IMAGE gradient or image border radius


whats more easier

background: rgb(197,222,234); /* Old browsers */
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Launched a new site today

You can only join if you’re a student (or have a student email).

Watch the video, let me know what you think.


This is a mobile App, this isn’t a web App.

If people are looking for something to do while dicking around, they want something that uses location based services, on their phone, when they are out and about.

We’re building that too, just later, as you cant launch an app like that with 0 user base.
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Adsense earnings down last month?

My Adsense earnings took a bit of a hit last month.

I don’t think it has anything to do with Panda or any algorithm changes; my sites still rank the same or better than they have in the past few months, and same amount of visitors, just significantly less clicks (or maybe lower revenue per click… honestly the new AdSense interface keeps giving me errors so I can’t get any detailed stats).

I know there are monthly fluctuations and everything, but last month was a bit outside of these fluctuations, that’s why I asked.
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Bout to build a new site…need advice!

I took over a website, , and I’m kind of a jack of all trades guy in computers (was a network engineer)…I’m not a website guru though. The person that built the site knew less than I do and while the site is ok…I want to redo it and make it better.

I was considering building a fresh new site along side it in a /beta folder or something and then restoring with that database and just transferring the theme folders. Is that doable? Is there a better way?

I’m definitely going to find a nice theme to purchase…any places you guys suggest to start looking? It’s an MMA Promotion site (think UFC but smaller). I am looking for a clean, dark/black looking theme. The 3 things I need to highlight for the site is the upcoming fight card (which I guess I can get from any plugin for the top transitioning feature), News/Press Releases and Events.
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Can a Landing Page / Minisite Rank Well? Ideas? Need some answers v. HUGE help :(

Okay, so here’s the plan. I’ve got about 10 .com domains that have around 700+ searches a month with low compeition. It’s for a business so obivously I need it to link to the main/money site.. Here’s what I’ve laid out and here’s my questions.

Mainwebsite.com; ExactMatchkeywordphrase.com – x10 using diffrent phrases. ALL the mini/landing page sites use the mainwebsite.com header/navigation so they can click directly onto the main site. I’ll be using a basic webpage with lots of text/content but no links and doing a ton of SEO/link building.. BUT here’s the issue..
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Left a start-up to do my own thing

Until a week ago I was the Director of Development at a start-up, left to do my own thing because I didn’t want to sign a 5 year non-compete and NDA in order to finalize our series A. I am starting my own business in the same space as the company I left and am trying to take as many clients as possible with me. Unfortunately I’m now remembering why I went to a start-up where the tech was already built, I’m clearly not a coder. Ugh.

Using the godaddy, 1 pager for now, it sucks. What’s the new hotness for people like me with no UX skills and no Ruby ability? Website is not vital to the business but it would be nice to be able to cookie people who come in with a referral code.

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Is this feasible?

I have some friends who want me to set up a bunch of amazon affiliate storefronts all hosted on the same domain for them. Set up in a way so that each storefront is assigned to a separate user of the website. I told them I’ll do it for free if they give me a percentage of their commission from each sale.

So, obviously I do know it is possible for me to just set up an affiliate account with amazon and have my affiliate link attached to all of their products BUT I need a way to track which sales come from which user. That way I am in control of the revenue coming from amazon and then I can dish it out to the users of the website.
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Image publishing, whats the best.

What I am looking for is something like photopost. Something that I can move images around, manage all right from the web. I would say I have around 60 gigs of images mostly high resolution but is photopost the right software? Hardware I have covered but software wise I need something lite weight. Photopost has everything I need but might be overkill for the amount of images because it has to many options (even though I can turn them off) and it is a bit confusing to navigate for a newbie

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