Purchasing a domain from a person.

There is a domain I am very interested in that has no content on it and is listed for sale. Their whos info is

Name Administration Inc. (BVI)
Box 10518 A.P.O.
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands B.W.I.

This is likely a websquatting company? I was hoping to lowball for the site because of the exact name but I have a feeling they’re going to want a high offer.

thread was self made

fucking cybersquatters

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how much alcohol do you drink to put up with strange clients?

Sometimes people just boggle my mind.

Some of the things I have had happen from paying clients (as opposed to things you would expect from trolls on a forum):

– I ask for clarification because their email didn’t make sense and they just FWD me a copy of the email again. Guess what? It still doesn’t make sense.

– Changing mid-paragraph from normal grammar and punctuation to all caps and no grammar or punctuation. And this person wasn’t even pissed off at me so it’s not like they were yelling. They just randomly switched from normal typing TO ALL CAPS WITH TYPOES IN TEH MIDDLE OF THE SENTENCE AND NO PUNCTUATION AT THE END
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job: Modify flash template

I need to throw some content in a flash template. Anybody interested in taking this job? Several pages. Looking to change the main logo, add content and pictures on the pages, and a few links.

I’m offering $125 for the job. Shouldn’t be more than a couple hours worth of work for someone who knows what they are doing.

not too many people work with flash in here, the one I know that does will laugh at $125

find a non flash template, there is a time and place for flash and a complete website built with flash is wrong and overkill

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CodePen > *.frontend

learn it

love it

live it

I don’t have anything against codepen, I really don’t, but I don’t see how you could say it’s the greatest frontend in the world. I’m actually not even sure what you’re trying to say, to be honest. But whatever it is, I think you’re probably wrong. Codepen is not the greatest anything. It’s a good repository for code snippets, and that’s about it.

frontend web development sandbox is what i meant
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domain backorder sites

which ones are good? i used one in the past but i dont remember which… snapnames maybe?

I’ve heard from many that pool.com is good but expensive, haven’t tried it personally.

Google Earth KML question: Is there any benefit to using typed data?

I’m working on a product that exports GIS data to KML, and one of the things I have to figure out is whether it’s worth the extra trouble to store "extended data" fields as typed data, which requires constructing a Schema that describes the data-type of each field. Google’s KML reference says that Google Earth doesn’t care about data types for "extended data", but that some other applications might care. Any data my product exports will (almost) certainly never be used anywhere except in Google Earth, so it seems like the answer is "no, it’s not worth the trouble to create typed data schemas". But does anyone know of any functionality in Google Earth that might benefit from having access to typed data, such as searching for exported features according to field values, or anything like that? It certainly seems plausible that such functionality exists, but I have no idea if it actually does. I’m just trying to anticipate future requirements, to save myself the trouble of building something too simple and then having to rebuild it later.

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PSD to HTML. Font Problem. I made the PSD but flattended text, PS fonts look bad..

So trying to make a website template in Photoshop, but the text tool always looks like crap, and never turns out how it really looks online.. (Regardless of settings). I can never get that smooth font look on websites, it’s either too smooth or too distorted. (ps. is there anyway around that?)

So to get around this. I opened a HTML editor found the text style I like online and changed it. Then took a screen shot of the text and pasted it into Photoshop template. So now its flattened.

So I have to send the PSD with text now.. But I can’t type the text out in Photoshop or it won’t match up to what it really looks like on the web.
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